Introducing: PinKy

For me, the Mellow Mouse is about keeping your Disney vacation… a vacation.  There is nothing vacation-like about waking at the crack of dawn, throwing clothes on your sleepy children (or yourselves), cursing about your misplaced coffee cup and pushing out the door with a granola bar in one hand and a highlighted park map (or screaming toddler) in the other.

Here at the Mellow Mouse we encourage meandering, finding those unique and special Disney moments that if you’re running through the front gates of the Magic Kingdom at 60mph you’re not going to catch.

Have you ever seen the character water art that cast members draw on the sidewalks/main thoroughfares in the evenings?  You have to catch them quick or they dry up and poof!  They are gone.

Have you ever sat below the “tap dance studio” on Main Street and listened to the class in progress?

And truly if you haven’t had your picture taken with the Mayor of Main Street or Councilman Dewey Cheatem, you’re missing out on wonderful one-on-one time with delightful characters (and look!  no lines!).

There are hundreds of unique and magical moments that Disney offers to those who don’t bulldoze through their vacation at breakneck speeds.  Relax – enjoy yourself.  You’re on vacation.  If you have unique magical moments at Disney we’d love to hear about them!

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