Pinky’s Mellow past times at the ‘World’

You’ve huffed and puffed and you’ve saved pennies and conquered planes, trains, automobiles and small countries and now you’ve arrived!!!   So now what?  Here are some mellow activities at the World!  SO much fun!!  SO little drama…

  • Character photo ops!  This one takes a little time but is so worth it and you’ll have souvenirs to boot.  If you don’t go to Disney very often – you’ll want to pick and choose your favorite characters as you come upon them and not just jump into any old line for a photo.  The most fun about this little Disney hobby is trying to find obscure or unique characters and getting a photo with them!  (think Star Wars weekends, DeVine at the Animal Kingdom, Main Street U.S.A. characters, or go on a Villan hunt!)
  • Pressed Penny machines!  I’m not sure what it is about scoping out these little penny machines that is so enticing…. but there it is.  They are found in all parks and hotels – many with limited edition images or unique celebration images.  Start collecting and soon you’ll have an entire book of tiny little souvenirs and you’ll be wanting to go back for more (to finish your collections of course).
  • 101 pictures for your photopass!  Thinking of getting a photopass?  Stop at every photopass cast member that you see and get a photo or 5 taken.  Strike a silly pose, strike a mod pose, think Madonna in Vogue.  You’ll have lots more pictures on your photopass to play with once you get home and hey, its just fun! (ex. All dressed up for the California Grille?  Stop by the Magic Kingdom and get some photos taken in front of the castle after dinner ….or you know, Pirates of the Caribbean…)
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