Introducing: G

Like most kids who grew up in the South, I first visited Disney World at a young enough age that I have no concrete memory of the trip.  I have memories of the several other trips I took throughout my childhood and teen years, the last of those occurring in 1994.  Many of them are a blurred together but most of them include a distinct focus on long lines, lots of walking, and tons of cheeseburgers.  Go, go, go.  Gotta see it all.

Then I learned a secret.  That’s not a vacation, it’s a tour.  Now, tours can be fun and educational and if you’re the type of person that loves rushing around so you can go home and tell everybody ALL the things you did and saw, then by all means tour.  There are tons of books and websites out there that will provide great tips for this kind of trip, but this is not one of them.

For me a vacation is a time to relax, a time to be with my family, and in this app-happy world of constant connection and ‘checking-in’ its a time for me to unplug.  The only television I watch is the occasional ESPN before bed.  My phone stays at my bedside table and I only check voice mail at night (I do return important calls but work hard to keep them brief).  In many ways I’m not only getting away from my work and the metropolis I call home, but I’m also taking a break from the person I am at those places.  Few things are more refreshing to my soul than getting away from ‘me’, it allows me to regroup and objectively examine my life.  It also tends to make my troubles seem much less daunting.

Most of what I write on this site will be my personal experiences at Disney World.  A description of what my days are like and my thoughts on them.  They are by no means a concrete travel plan, what works for me may not work for you.  My hope is that anyone daunted by a trip to Disney will find some encouragement to truly relax and enjoy this magical place that I and my family have come to love so dearly and to reassure everyone that there is a way to do so without rushing from place to place at a break-neck speed from dusk til dawn only to finally crash in a bed and do it all over again the next day.  Me?  I’ll be on my balcony with my wife, likely sipping red wine and watching the monorail go by.

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