Doin’ the Planetary Boogie – In between Trips of Course

So… what’s with the Disney Parks cd?  Ultimate Disney nerd must-have or do we just really get down to the Swiss Family Robinson polka?  Hmmm…  For me I think its like bringing a little piece of Disney back so that I can use it when I need it later.  Kind of like Disney leftovers.  Ha.  Seriously though there are times when our family is especially stressed and we’ll be driving in the car and someone will say, ” Oh I so wish we could go to WDW today”.  Sometimes that little bit of music helps make that wish come true just for a few minutes.  And if you close your eyes and let your memories take over your senses you can almost smell the french fries while listening to the lounge music from Cosmic Rays, the sweet tropical air of Adventureland while listening to the Tiki Room song.  And then the planning for our next vacay becomes much more fun and exciting and much less out of grasp.

I love the “classic” songs that they have on their package cds which include music from rides and attractions that are no longer available.  I love WDW The Happiest Place on Earth – its a 2-cd set with not-to-be-missed songs like:  Kitchen Kabaret, One Little Spark, Soarin’, Canada (yes really), Star Tours, and the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.  Yo Ho (A Pirates Life For Me), Grim Grinning Ghosts and Its a Small World are also favorites.  And a child-friendly Disney-going tip:  if you have small children (babies and toddlers), we found that it was helpful to play the Disney music starting a couple of months ahead of time in the car or during “playtime” at home, so that they could get used to the music before they went to the World.  Disney can be overwhelming for anyone and getting used to some of the sounds before they arrive can help them feel more comfortable on the rides.  Most of the ride soundtracks are available on cd, mp3 or on-line.  We still do this with our youngest before we travel, even though she is kind of a veteran now.  Happy planning!  I’m going to go put on that music now.

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