You’re going again??

That’s the question we used to get from just about everyone – except our fellow Disney-nerd friends.  From them of course it was, “that’s nice – we just got back”!  Our family has been discussing whether its a regional tradition to vacation to the same place every year or wether its just personal taste?  Our extended family is from the south.  Hence, my husband and I both grew up vacationing at Disney regularly – not every year – but regular enough to be very familiar with it.  There were of course gaps in our vacationing to WDW – going to college, getting married – “starting out” in life as an adult etc.  Sometimes it just wasn’t in the budget.  After we sort of got our feet on the ground with our new little family though – we picked up the Disney bug again from my husband’s family and it has stuck with us.  We have gone every year since 1999.  Our trip is different every year especially now that we have children who are (obviously) different every year.  What was originally our couples getaway has now become our yearly family vacation and yet we still do not tire of it.  In fact I can’t think of a single place better equipped to visit with your children of any age than WDW.  Maybe its a personality trait that causes us to love WDW so much.  I’m not sure, but I do know that we have even given some thought to going twice a year as a regular occurrence.  Right now we go twice a year every OTHER year – once in the spring as our family vacation and once in the fall to the Food & Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  And we love it!  It is a wonderful couples getaway and we have the time and opportunity to do all of the things that sometimes we aren’t able to with 3 children + other family members in tow.  We have special evenings out at the Top of the World bar at Bay Lake Towers where the view is not less than spectacular especially for fireworks.  The drinks aren’t bad either – I had a delightfully refreshing raspberry mojito!  Yum!  We stand in line at leisure at any ride we please regardless of height restrictions, we lounge at the pool and have late night dinners and tipsy forays into the candy stores after to much wine.  I miss it already.

For me, there is something comforting about coming to the same place every year.  Our children will grow up with common memories about a place and our time together there over the years.  I think this is so very special.  I cherish those times and the pictures of the children 1 year older each time.  We brought all of them when they were less than a year old.  Our oldest went at 5 months old, our middle child when he was 9 months old and our youngest when she was 3 months old.  As we have mentioned in previous posts – for us its not about the excitement of the rides or getting to each and every attraction every trip.  Its about creating unique memories with our family and when we can – getting away with just the two of us to enjoy what we love about Disney.  (Honestly there is a mexican beef stew at San Angel Inn with my name on it!!)  I digress…  maybe its the Hamptons for some families, the beach for others, the lake, a particular cabin, but for my family its WDW and I’m so very glad that it is.

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1 Response to You’re going again??

  1. prttynpnk says:

    People who know us well just say “whens Disney?” Instead of where are you going!

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