Pick up a travel guide or plug “Walt Disney World” into your favorite search engine and your senses will be beaten silly, not simply by the sheer volume of information, but at how much of it focused on helping you rush through as many rides as possible while spending as little as possible.  These are certainly honorable intentions but sound more like instructions on navigating rush hour than a vacation.

The Mellow Mouse is all about that last word: Vacation.  It’s also about Enjoyment, Relaxation, and Fun.  It’s about letting go of the notion that one must see everything, choosing instead to spend a few leisurely hours by the pool in the middle of the day.  It’s about unmatched dining experiences that can last anywhere from two to four hours, culminating in fireworks.  It’s about looking forward to the end of your day, where a glass of red wine on your balcony, watching the monorail pass by, awaits you.  It’s about leaving the mobile phones in the room, keeping the laptops off, and unplugging from the hourly bombardment of information that composes modern life.  More than anything, it has become our time and place to be a family, to enjoy each others company, to simply be together and present.

And let me tell you, it works.

And it’s not that hard.

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