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So I am in planning mode now.  We’re having a different trip this year.  Or next year I guess I should say.  We’re shortening our trip with the kids, choosing a larger room to accommodate more family members and adding … Continue reading

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You’re going again??

That’s the question we used to get from just about everyone – except our fellow Disney-nerd friends.  From them of course it was, “that’s nice – we just got back”!  Our family has been discussing whether its a regional tradition … Continue reading

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I just love fall, don’t you?

The cool, crisp air, leaves turning colors, the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival at WDW… what?  You don’t have that marked on your calendar?  Well put it down!  I’ll wait.  It’s September 28th through November 12th.  2012 is the … Continue reading

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Doin’ the Planetary Boogie – In between Trips of Course

So… what’s with the Disney Parks cd?  Ultimate Disney nerd must-have or do we just really get down to the Swiss Family Robinson polka?  Hmmm…  For me I think its like bringing a little piece of Disney back so that … Continue reading

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Building Memories…. Or, how I validate paying for park tickets and going to the pool

So… I have kids.  Three actually and they’re little.  My oldest is 5, my youngest is 1.  We have always taken them to WDW and truthfully its been pretty easy – honestly I think its a little harder once they … Continue reading

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G’s been busy (Or, The Point of the Plan)

It is almost embarrassing to look at the date of my last post.  I should at least take some solace from the fact that there is no counter tracking the number of times I’ve said aloud,” I really need to … Continue reading

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Pinky: A Planner goes Mellow

I’ll be the first to admit that to some – I have what would look like a problem.  Maybe an obsession.  We book our vacation 11 months ahead of time, our restaurant reservations 6 months ahead of time and any … Continue reading

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